Summits menus are diverse, delicious and nutritionally balanced. Our Chefs combine traditional, locally  orientated and new cuisines from around the world and tailor the menu to specifically meet the needs of our clients workforce.

Summit offers Catering services in the following sectors:

Corporate Catering Institutions

Hostels and Residences

Industrial Catering Institutions

Banquets and Corporate Functions

Healthcare Institutions

Educational Facilities

Mines and Remote Sites

We Cater For:

Western and traditional Preferences


Diabetics and other therapeutic Diets

Halaal and Kosher

Any other specific requirements our clients may have

Our catering teams are flexible and creative. They provide customised menus and nutritional planning. We strive for home cooked quality and pride ourselves  on the fact that our meals are always delicious and fresh.

We focus a large part of our efforts on ensuring that our clients workforce is well-fuelled and well cared for at all times in order to achieve maximum productivity. This not only means healthy, well-balanced nutritious meals, but also making sure that every resident on site has a choice in terms of what they would like to eat, in line with their ethnic, cultural and religious preferences. In instances where clients employ expat staff from countries where cuisines are significantly different from Western and African cuisine, The Summit on Site Group will ensure that their specific dietary requirements are met.