The Summit on Site Group provides Integrated Facilities Management Services to a wide range of clients in a variety of market segments. Founded in 2009, The Summit on Site Group’s in depth understanding and experience of providing facilities management services, combined with an exceptional culture of service excellence, sees us provide unsurpassed levels of support.

Our primary objective is to become an integral part of our Clients management teams. This includes ensuring that key performance areas are controlled and monitored against relative best practice processes. This is governed by the implementation of key performance indicators to ensure operational excellence which is in line with each company’s unique standards.

Our operational strategy is to closely coordinate a team of specialists responsible for all facilities management services to ensure operational efficiency at all times. We do this through a consortium of select strategic partners who offer a range of individual or integrated service solutions.

The benefit of partnering with a single dedicated service provider is the transfer of responsibility and accountability for all outsourced services to a single skilled professional. Not only does this relieve the stress of coordinating multiple service providers, but ultimately maximises time and cost efficiencies.

Our management team is committed to ensuring all its clients’ individual requirements are met, and that the service offerings provided reflect their specific profiles.

We focus on establishing service parameters that maximise our Clients financial resources and carefully structure financial models in line with their budget. We guarantee that capital employed for the site is optimised, and that the economies of scale employed will result in cost savings.