Our finance team is responsible for one of our most critical strategy requirements that of base cost control, which reflects in bi-weekly/monthly proactive status reports. This permits the client to continually view financial progress in line with client’s budgets and investments. Summit on Site’s strategic partners are equally committed to ensuring the success of our clients’ operations.


The Summit on Site Group boasts a highly experienced Facilities Management Team. The senior management of the team adopts hands on management style and leads the team by example.

We enjoy a consistent success rate and are well respected in a highly competitive industry. One of our core strategies dictates that in order to ensure the successful operation or our business, senior personnel are always actively involved with the daily operation of each site. In line with this, as the success of the integrated service solution is based on the coordination and experience of senior staff, the hands on approach adopted by Summit on Site is reflected in the operational capability off all strategic partners and sub-contractors.


Our Procurement and Logistics team are responsible for managing all logistics warehousing and procurement functions, and has an extensive network of freight forwarders and suppliers at their disposal