The private Healthcare market is one of the most sophisticated markets in the outsourcing industry. We at Summit focus on providing excellent service, not only to the patients, but also to the Client and the Clients’ staff at all times. We are committed to managing rising costs, and re-engineering our business on an on-going basis to combat excessive costs and price increases. Although Summit as a company is a newcomer to the private healthcare market, our senior management team are all seasoned Healthcare specialists.

Summit Healthcare Services is committed to providing a broad spectrum of nutritional requirements and Integrated Service Solutions to hospitals across the country. We have developed our WE-CARE Healthcare Services on Holistic healing practices. We focus on ensuring that every patients emotional and physical needs are attended to.  We adopt a personal hands on approach in everything that we do, and try to maximise personal interaction with our patients at all times. WE-CARE is designed to offer patients freedom of choice, ensuring excellent meals and caring service as well as affording patients a sense of control. 

WE-CARE - Room Service is based on a conventional restaurant style in terms of meal preparation and service. This concept affords patients the luxury of selecting what they would like to eat, how much of it and when.  There is a potential saving in food costs, as patients only order what they want to eat. In many instances, patients do not want 3 three course meals every day.Meals are only prepared when ordered, so wastage is eliminated, and meals are guaranteed to be hot and fresh. It is very easy to map food trends, popular meals, and personal preferences, as patients are catered to individually and not en mass. All our meals are clinically formulated by Dieticians to maximise the healing process. Meals are nutritious but more importantly, are varied and cater for a diversity of cultures tastes and ages. Our peads menus are designed especially for children.

A visit to the hospital often means that carefully followed diet routines are forced out the window. With Summit, this need not be the case. Our menus are all Calorie-wise and provide detailed nutritional values with each meal, nor does being health conscious or weight conscientious means that meals are bland and boring. We put a considerable amount of effort into ensuring that meals are innovative, delicious and can be adapted to meet the dietary requirements of our patients. Our registered dieticians work closely with the hospital’s medical staff to formulate, implement, and support nutritional progress to enhance medical treatment and the experience of every patient.