The Summit on Site Group  together with MPG provides turnkey building solutions which focus on the installation and erection of camps, offices, ablution facilities, industrial kitchens, industrial laundries, cold rooms and freezers, mess and dining facilities as well as first aid stations, clinics and other onsite infrastructure.

We procure building systems in a variety of materials, including prefabricated EPS panels, converted shipping containers, fibre cement panels, poly-urethane panels, lightweight steel frame structures and flat pack units. The units are all modular, resulting in design flexibility, minimised wastage, easy erection and faster construction times. This ultimately contributes to the cost effectiveness of the units as well as enables an effective mobilisation and ramp-up period.

The Summit on Site Group and MPG have  business relationships with a number of construction industry suppliers, enabling us to select the most suitable one based on geographical development location, logistical infrastructure, building system requirements, budgetary constraints, mobilisation requirements and timing to meet each client's specifications.


To facilitate the attraction and retention of quality personnel, increased workforce productivity and enhance your reputation as a quality employer, The Summit on Site Group is committed to supplying a home away from home experience.