Other initiatives include:
Supplying provisions to distribution points for people and families not in a position to provide food, clothing and other living essentials for themselves.  We also provide a number of cooked meals to those unable to provide for themselves.

Summit on Site has several orphanages in areas where we operate where we provide a variety of services to these children including the weekly supply of food. Other areas we contribute to is the supply of brightly coloured themed bedrooms, linen and clothes and other essentials. We also host special events, and sponsor entertainment, gifts, special food, treats and other nice to haves.

Summit on Site has several Socio-Economic responsibilities in the areas where we operate.  The core of our strategy is focused on providing training and to maximising our ability to continually use the on-site integrated production and service facilities as a vehicle to train, provide employment, curatorship and eventual ownership is the core of the strategy.
The basis of training is to, in conjunction with the Client and the local community, identify and employ, through a proposed on-site integrated employment process, the relevant community based personnel to assist with the erection, construction and running of the integrated on site solutions. These selected individuals will then be trained by Summit on Site through a multi-skilled training process, in all operational divisions of the various production and service providing processes. This training and skills transfer program will be governed and measured by the successful completion of a theoretical and practical individual evaluation conducted by the training program after a proposed period

These employees will be:

  •  Trained by the various production and service units in operational roles responsible for running the integrated services.
  •  Retained by Summit on Site in a Training Capacity to be employed by the internal onsite training arm and assist in the training of new recruits.
  •  Employed by Summit on Site to assist in new project erection and commissioning.